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"He just chuckled and started thawing the camel." When I read that line, a vivid image of a -(whole) camel - thawing sprang to mind. Too funny. And just where would one thaw a camel, anyway?

Kate Zimmerman

Thanks, Sue! Yes, I just helped out by taking a camel brisket off the barbie for use later on the weekend.

Sue Horner

Thanks for the laugh! I saw the menu on Facebook and wondered why on earth Stanley was turning his culinary talents to camel and crocodile! Sounds like a perfect menu for The Man Show.

Kate Zimmerman

Thanks, Chris! We had a whale (roo?croc?ost?) of a time with you guys. I hope we can do it again soon. And that Louisiana sausage was smashing!


Chris Salvo

Oh my god! I'm as so glad I was one of the Texans Stanley was out to wow. And for the record, I was wowed!!!

I have to say fish, mussels and venison sound delicious too!! Next time?

And you are wrong about not remembering your carrot-squash puree. It was yum-o-licious.

And then we did the Crocodile rock. Oh what a night! Thanks!!!

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