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Kate Zimmerman

Ah, Kristen, you are indeed an expert if you can make that obviously valid link. I only wish I'd thought of it!


As a fellow extrapolator [I own a thesarus, and have played Scrabble, so I feel am well-qualified for the co-opting of the title] I am thrilled to know that the good people at NPD have the spewing of extrapolatable [see, as an extrapolator, I can even manufacture words out of whole cloth! Hmmm, perhaps I ought to apply to NPD for employment, but I digress . . .] updates all sewed up.

However, Kate, fond as I am of you, I do feel that I must dispute one of your contentions. Your recommendation against using cats in extrapolations? Well, I've actually had quite a bit of success in extrapolating the cat-ish habit of horking up offensive and drippy hair balls without warning or concern, with BOTH Christy Blatchford AND Rosie Dimanno, so we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

The rest of your advice, is, of course, most appreciated and extremely wise, as always.


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