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Kate Zimmerman

And thanks for the attachment. Nice to hear more reasoned commentary!

Kate Zimmerman

Thanks, Clive. I guess over here the media didn't reprint pieces by the British press who wrote positive things about the Games. Those who attracted our attention were the ones who went over the top to deride them.

Clive Fletcher

You give the impression that the entire British press has a negative view of the Olympics.
This is simply not the case:

You will find that the British press will be far more critical in 2012 for the summer Olympics.

Every large scale event will have problems - it's a fact of life, as is the inevitable criticism that follows. Are we just being a bit too sensitive here?

These games have been a fantastic success (with one sad exception) and will be remembered as such.


Yes, well, as I said a day or so ago in my FB and Twitter statuses: "I'm *certain* that absolutely everything about the upcoming London Games will be just ducky! Luckily for the British, we Canadians are far too polite to say 'I TOLD YOU SO!!' even if, perchance, there's a glitch or two"

Luckily for ME I hold dual American citizenship too, so I can get away with saying: "Bugger off you snarky bunch of tossers!!! Stick your crumpets where the sun don't shine!"

Oh! Was that my outside voice? Oops!

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