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I just LOVE Facebook's "hide" feature! It struck me as so very "Canadian" since you don't have to be rude and de-friend these bore-o-ramas, but merely make their tedious [and usually ultra-frequent] updates disappear from your feed with a single click of the mouse. And - even better! - they never need even know that you've dismissed them!

Are we sure that Mark whats-is-name isn't Canadian?!

Kate Zimmerman

Hey, Kristen, I wasn't talking about YOU. I have now hidden those I find boring. There were a couple of fellow freelancers who had nothing to say except on the topic of how busy they are, and as a fellow, chronically underemployed freelancer that is never what I want to read about!


Oh dear! Now I am frantically re-evaluating my recent Facebook status updates with a "Kate-ish" eye and praying that at least occasionally I post something amusing. At the very least, my generally banal life can, I feel, offer my friends the opportunity to feel superior, and, in the case of Kate, VASTLY funnier than my humble self.

We don't ALL have the Olympics in town, you know, Kate! P.S. You DO know about the "hide" option on FB, right?? If not, ask Stanley to show you. This can be a lifesaver depending just how many boring friends you have!


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