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You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

Kate Zimmerman

Your wish is my command!


You have NOTHING to be jealous about, Kate! You can hold your own with Crescenzo in the "chortlingly funny" and the "scrumptiously sarcastic" categories ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!

In this horrid new age of the politically correct [read: deadly dull and plodding] humour-challenged bores, I revel in your brand of hilarious snark! Like I've said before - please don't change!!

Kate Zimmerman

Hey, Kristen! Thanks for your deliciously flattering notes! I feel a jealous pang every time I see you praising those damn Crescenzos. How dare they! (Even though you knew them first...) Happy New Year!


I'd say you hit the jackpot here - it's not everyday a girl finds someone who can fix a leak! [all due respect to Stanley, of course!].

I mean, princes, well they're a dime a dozen - just ASK them! They'll tell you themselves! But a HANDY kinda guy?? Now THOSE are truly rare!

You are a lucky girl, Kate! You get a Stanley AND a "Bruce"! Greedy, but lucky!

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