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Dear God, Kate! I just got around to reading this [Note to self: DO NOT allow self to get behind on reading Kate's posts - the prolonged laughter is much too much like an abdominal workout, plus the neighbours start to complain to building management that I'm keeping chickens with all the cackling!].

"P.Daddy", "Exactamundo", "he himself marked the occasion by taking a half-hour video of the inside of his shorts pocket."

Hahahahahahaha HA! Kate, you slay me!!!! Please! Never, NEVER change!!


I always appreciate your posts and often laugh out loud while reading them. This one had me in stitches -- I queried Stanley: "You didn't." He confirmed: "I did." Good grief, how much fun did you all have with that!


Sounds just like "Stanley"! Glad you had so much fun.

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