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Amen, amen and amen Alexandra Gill!!!

Oy! When did the whole darn world have it's sense of humour surgically removed?!

Lighten up, indeed!!

Go, Kate go!!!

Jane Mundy

Sounds like some of these food bloggers have another thing in common besides taking foodie pics: they've lost their sense of humour! Lighten up you lot!

Alexandra Gill

The only thing funnier than this post is the indignation of the self-righteous food bloggers who responded. Rock on, Kate!

Paul Kamon

Like a person who hates surfing getting swept up in a tsunami, Kate, I think you humorously and begrudgingly know the only possible answer is to start swimming, or find a really big boat to cling to, but unfortunately they are sinking too.

Check this article: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1902604,00.html

David Murray

Well said, Kate the great:

"I once again told Stanley that there’s an awful lot of broadcast in the social networking universe, but I doubt there’s much reception."

Not much, but some. Which beats none. Which is why we blog. If a tree falls in Facebook, does it rate a "poke"?

Jer Thorp


From another Foodist - thanks for the great article. I thought it was mostly tongue-in-cheek, nicely self-deprecating, and quite well written.

We food bloggers live in a world of our own, and I think we often deserve to be laughed at. We certainly don't get a free pass on etiquette. As you point out, sometimes we can get so caught up in our bloggerly pursuits that we can end up being anti-social. You have another excellent point:

"Who could possibly be waiting so raptly for an account of the vittles at a bash they weren’t attending that they couldn’t even hold out until the party was over?"

I couldn't agree more. I remember climbing the stairs at Notre Dame in my 20s, behind a pair of tourists who must have taken 300 photos on their way to the top. They were forgoing the sensory experience in order to have a good slide show - something I think a lot of food bloggers can be guilty of.


Ron Shewchuk

Le Stanley, c'est moi!

Mark, the food blogger Kate mentions is a different guy altogether.

I think Kate is smart and funny, and I love her curmudgeonly stance on social media. She keeps me grounded, and entertained, and when I read her stuff I laugh out loud. And I laugh loudest when she takes the piss out of me.

Didn't anyone notice she pokes fun at herself, too?

There are some great stories by her in my new book, by the way. Have a look -- you'll get a few good laughs, I think.


CJ - ahhh, but you see, the article that you refer to was written for an "actual newspaper," which is clearly a more legitimate medium than a lowly blog.

Don't get me wrong. I agree that in some cases, the internet has made mere eaters into food critics, but let's not make sweeping blanket statements. As Mark points out, it isn't clear whether this post - oh, excuse me, *article* - is a rant against rude dining partners, smartphones, Twitter, blogging, or Michael Jackson.

And, as Meg points out, we'll gloss over the irony of writing about how food bloggers suck...and putting it on your (incredibly self-conscious) blog.

I was one of those people at Stanley's barbecue event, tweeting and posting the play-by-play. Stanley was magnificent: a gracious host and brilliant teacher. But your description of him here strikes me as really dismissive and disrespectful. You may have been aiming for sarcastic and sardonic, but it certainly doesn't come across that way.

More than anything, that's what bothers me about this post. Sure, talk about random bloggers and call them out for bad table manners and for being self-absorbed. But to speak about your partner the way that you do? Pity.

Mark Busse

Wait a second, is Stanley the food blogger taking photographs or her husband? Or both? Now I'm really confused.


hmm, odd post considering the food posts written on this blog.

O brave new world that is just that, new.

Let us embrace our idiosyncracies and move on shall we?


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