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Kate - This was a hilariously on-target skewering of this newest sort of addict and I loved it!

However, I cannot tell a lie (well, actually I can, but only when my job demands it . . . and pays me to!) I found your blog through one of Stanley's posts, and, since I'm not very good at remembering the check sites regularly - even ones I love like yours - it's Stanley noting you have a new post on his Facebook that reminds me to come here and read your fantastic columns.

So, although I'm not going to tell Stanley any of this (we non-addicts have to stick together, after all!!) that is at least one useful aspect of his addiction, no?


This is precisely the reason I don't own an iPhone. However I manage to tweet and text with my archaic Nokia. For the record, it was the 5 course with pairing and it was indeed the best dining experience ever.

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