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Hi Kate: I, too, discovered you through Stanley, and I've enjoyed your chronicles of this experience very much!

I couldn't quite decide whether to feel badly because you had to go through all this, or to laugh because of how ridiculously slap-stick it all was. I eventually settled on "both", with a heavier weighting on the latter, because YOU were clearly focusing on the humour.

I think "the Davids" couldn't do any better than to have you as one of their club - you are CERTAINLY funny enough!

I've bookmarked this so I can continue to follow your wonderful writing!




Kate, so glad to hear of the positive result and even happier to learn that you will be back in the saddle in the new year. Enjoy your down time, relax, recover and drink lots of wine - take advantage of Stanley to be your chauffeur.
Wishing you a speedy recovery and a very merry merry.
Be well.

Donna Papacosta

Thanks to Ron Shewchuk for linking to you. Kate, I am glad to find you and your writing, and to learn that you will be able to continue to string words together so gracefully.

Rick McCharles

Happy to hear your computer upgrade was successful, Kate. (Apple chip?)

Stanley shared with me the saddest medical side effect ... that you thought The Big Lebowski was funny.

All quesadillas for your fastier upprovement.


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