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Joan H.

Kate, I'm so glad you posted on David's blog today, which led me to yours, which was irresistible!!! Having grown up in Knik, Alaska, in the financial deprivation of the '60s (pre-pipeline, of course), and remembering the out-of-season moose and salmon, the expired food collected (frozen, of course) from the loading docks of grocery stores, and the truckload of "reject" clothes from the Salvation Army which we a) picked through to see if anything fit us; b) set things aside from in case it might fit anyone we knew, and finally c) used as bedclothes because we were short on blankets; the kind of childhood where my mom mixed yellow food coloring into Crisco and hoped it would be at least a little like margarine (don't bother; it was creative, but unsuccessful)--having experienced THAT kind of economic downturn, your sophisticated alternative was a charming read. I WANT the solar kidney shed. Stashing margarita mix, tequila and little umbrellas makes perfect sense to me. This weekend, I'm going through my stash of beans and wheat and lentils and making room for the REAL essentials!

Pleased to make your acquaintance, Kate.


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